"I've been photographing for 8 years. My style is a mixture of editorial and the simplicity of every day photos. A photo should have a powerful meaning behind it, rather it's a story or a symbol. I like my photos to be clean, clear, simple, beautiful, and story-telling. Invite me as your photographer, and I will put you in a world where you thought you could never see yourself in..." - David

Before I started photography, I had a passion for graphic design. I love digital art, typography, advertisements, commercial art, etc. What I love about photography is that it allows me to put all of them to use. 

"I've heard the saying that sometimes pictures can describe a day better than a video, David and Molly did just that."  - Heidi

"We feel so lucky to have been recommended to David for our wedding photography. He is very talented as a photographer, an eye for a good shot." - Jessica