Love & Basketball

Fun photo session! Sometimes it’s ok to just do photos with gym clothes. Thanks Kue and Jay for working with me. Just look at them, and they said they didn't know how to pose. It’s all about being comfortable and have fun.


A New Year

2018 was a good year! Looking to make 2019 a great year! Need photos done? Send me a message and let’s talk!


Eh Poe

Portrait photos with Eh Poe. Make up by Molly (wife).


New Logo and Website - David Thao Photography

Hello everyone!! 

Welcome to my new website! As you can see, I also re-designed my logo. It took a lot of time and thinking to make it right, and I believe I have created the one that will represent my photography and artwork. 

With the new website, I wanted it to have a more simplicity feel and to have a better view of my work. I hope my website will be easier to navigate. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and what I should fix or include. 

Thank you for your support in my photography and please look forward to new and exciting work!

- David

New Logo (Representing the letter "d" in lowercase.) 

New Logo
(Representing the letter "d" in lowercase.)